Leolannan Fletcher

Male Half-Elf Ranger

Personal Details
Name: Leolannan Fletcher
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Ranger
Level: 1
XP: 1,083 (2,235)
Height: 5’ 5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Languages: Common, Elven
STR: 9
INT: 12
WIS: 12
DEX: 12
CON: 15 (+1)
CHA: 8 (-1)
AC: 13
HP: 11
Light/Heavy Load: 60/150 lbs
Listen: 1-2 on 1d10
Surprised: 1 on 1d6
Initiative: 1d6
Base AB: +1
Missile AB: +1
Melee AB: +1
Saving Throws
Death Ray or Poison: 12
Magic Wands: 12
Paralysis or Petrify: 14
Dragon Breath: 15
Spells: 16
Racial Abilities
Darkvision: 30’
Find Secret Doors: 1-2 on 1d6
+5% xp
Class Abilities
+1 Damage vs Goblinoids and Giants
Surprise Others: 1-3 on 1d6
Tracking (see p19, LL AEC)

Of slight build, fair features, dark hair and eyes, Leolannan Fletcher has spent years wandering the wilds. Years ago, Markas Fletcher, a wagon-driver from Marketstone, was part of a crew that regularly caravanned goods to and from the village. During one such trip he met and fell in love with Loramorel, an elven girl, who he eventually married. Their union resulted in one child which Lora was allowed to name in the elven tradition. Leolannan, who early on was simply called Leo by his father and the other residents of Marketstone, had a fairly stable and happy childhood, only visiting his mother’s elven kindred a few times as his mother’s union with a human was not well received, and they simply tolerated him as the half-breed that he was. The only thing that the two sides of Leo’s family had in common was the love of the bow and arrow, the elves natural affinity and Markas’ father being a bowyer and arrow-fletcher.

In Leo’s 13th year he had accompanied his parents on one of the many caravan trips they had taken. Tragedy struck when a bandit band ambushed the caravan which left Leo an orphan. Witnessing that incident marked his life with the stamp of a Ranger. He felt too alone in Markestone and his elven relations never truly welcomed him, so he spent more and more time wandering the wilds alone. Some in Marketstone still know him when he comes through for brief visits, but he never stays long under the gaze of their pity and the weight of remembrance.

Leolannan Fletcher

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